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Spectre Garrus by Garrus-Vakarian-SW

Since I hate it when I ask for critiques and get none, I decided to try my hand at this! Ok, so this shows Garrus in black and red inst...


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I like simple art with elegant lines as well as highly detailed art. I adore art with darker themes or colors as well. While I have the greatest respect for traditional artists, I believe that art takes many forms, whether it is a painting, a movie, a sculpture, a game, a photo, a costume, 3D modelling, animation, a book or a drawing. It is something that was inspired by other art or the beauty we find in the world and we express it as best as we can through whatever methods we can. So I enjoy all types and forms of art and you will find that evident in my Favorites and hopefully in my gallery. All that matters is that you do your best with your art in whatever way you can and that it comes from your heart, soul and mind.

I have recently come back to DA full-time and began submitting works in the form of wallpapers and fanfics thanks to Mass Effect 3. I am starting to learn 3D model manipulation at the moment, but honestly I will express whatever feelings I have in whatever way I need to through whatever medium I feel is appropriate :)

Personal: I am 25 and have been happily married for 6 years with two kids.. I'm occasionally in college with the career goal of becoming a Game Writer and working on a novel I hope to finish by the end of 2014.
UPDATE - Thank you for all the comments, it's so great to see so much enthusiasm and people wanting to improve their skills or use their skills to support them...At this time I have found a few people I am interested in commissioning but I have several more characters I'd like to commission before the end of the year, so while I can't afford to do them all at once, feel free to drop me a comment if you think you have some skills and want to get paid!

ORIGINAL - Hi there! For those who see this and realize I'm still alive. Hi. I'm finally starting to see the hope of getting some time for hobbies back. Hopefully I do something creative I can submit here this year. Onto my commission needs!

What I need: A full body, preferably colored picture of the protagonist of my dark fantasy novel. I'm so original that the character is half demon/half angel (he was originally created when I was 16 or so, give me a break ;) but let's hope the quality of my novel surpasses my protagonists' originality, eh?
Who I need: I'm looking for those who are used to drawing fanart of anime/video games but in a realistic style (i.e. proportional, detailed characters). Quality must be high!
Style: I am looking at art styles anywhere from bold, clean lines like Tetsuya Nomura's work, to softer work without visible lines. Take a look at my favorites if you want to get an idea of the styles I like.
Details: I am looking for a colored picture but if you have the right style for lineart, I would be willing to take a look at that. The coloring style I prefer is one with a depth similar to 3D images. I need lots of detail and I need someone who can help me create any missing details!
Reference: I can provide written and visual reference from a character creator and a drawing if needed (as long as you promise not to laugh at my drawings!)
Other work: While this commission is for a full body of my male protagonist, I have 6 other major characters so this could be a long term relationship. 
Price: It's negotiable but I'm willing to spend good deal a bit for quality, so lay it on me. I will pay by Paypal.
Requirements: I will need someone who is willing to give my designs some flair and detail after discussing it with me and showing me some ideas. I want to see your interpretation but of course it must stay true to my vision. I will need to see at least one rough draft (can be very rough) before any final version is paid for. 
Time frame: I'm not in a rush in the least bit, but let's not drag it out for months, shall we? I will also require a weekly update if you have a long turnaround time.

Background: In some ways, I have no clue what I'm doing and I've never commissioned something before. But I've been thinking about it for years and I am finally prepared to do so. The subject(s) are the character(s) in my novel I've been creating over the past 7 years. It is a dark fantasy and is no doubt influenced by anime and video games to some extent, so that's why if you regularly work with those sort of things, you'll likely be up my alley.

Again, you can probably look through my favorites to get an idea about the kind of style and level of quality I'm looking for and willing to pay for. I am flexible and price is negotiable. The reason why I'd like to do a journal post is because I want to give the chance to many different artists and see many different styles. I'm hoping for a nice, long profitable (for both of us!) professional relationship. 

There might be other stuff I didn't think of cuz I've never commissioned before, but I will do my best to be reasonable and accommodating. If you think you might be interested, leave a comment!
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